Chris Somerville: Thesis Paper Outline

Thesis Paper Outline

Collaboration And Feedback:

Peers & Colleagues

  • The target audience for my interactive piece will be anyone who can has immediate access to twitter on their hand held device. In reality, however, it will be anyone who enters the exhibition space.

  • I will have to address environment design with a colleague to make the installation experience inclusive to everyone.

  • Initial research into the physical build of my project has been very rewarding. I am fortunate to work in an environment with several other technical and creative academics. I have discussed my thesis project with them and they have directed me to research areas of programming, software interactivity, and imagery design.

  • These colleagues have all agreed to assist me as needed.


  • Early Stages: positive, but technical concerns must be addressed

  • Visual imagery and animation will require weeks of research, but will be implemented after technical issues are solved.

  • Communication with peers and collaborators has been very helpful and has initiated a prototype testing outline.

  • The College (my employer) has offered me physical space to test prototypes and to exhibit.